Feb 03

Only in my dreams

Front Page Fatality, #1 in new humorous fiction on amazon!

Ever get a song stuck in your head? How about one line of a song? On a loop? I’ve been walking around with the title line for “Only in My Dreams” playing in my head all. Day. Long.

This has been the most amazing launch week any debut author could ever hope for, y’all, and I truly thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for every person you have told, tweet or Facebook post you have sent, and review you’ve written. I am bowled over by the lovely things people have said, and those amazon bestseller lists were something I never expected.

My launch party yesterday was the fantastic cherry on top of this sundae, with people packed into Fountain Bookstore all the way to the door! For those who couldn’t be there, here are a few photos (and they have some signed copies in the store, which you can order online at www.fountainbookstore.com):

This was taken from about halfway back in the crowd. I was thrilled to see so many folks—including several I didn’t know!

Signing a book in my new Nichelle heels!


A lovely table display by Fountain Bookstore, flowers courtesy of my WONDERFUL Hen House sisters. It was a special day!

Talking shoes with Nichelle’s littlest fan!

Thank you, Kelly and Fountain Bookstore for having me in! It was a lovely day!