Oct 17

BURIED LEADS launch at the Virginia Literary Festival

Wow. To say that last night was a dream come true might not even be entirely accurate. It was so far beyond anything I ever expected or dreamt of, I can’t quantify it. It was such fun to meet so many readers and hear what y’all think of Nichelle! I hope I did a good job answering your questions, and thanks so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us. I will never forget it.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, I don’t have the library’s official photographs, but my friends were kind enough to take pictures and share them with me.

Blue heels

The evening started with this surprise from my hubby: Buried Leads Nichelle shoes! And I wore them and didn’t fall down!


Talking about being a crime reporter, books, and writing. So much fun!

Post speech

Signing books after the talk. Congrats, Lilia, who won the first ARC of HEARTACHE MOTEL.


Showing off the Nichelle shoes (and the book) with the ladies from the first book club I ever spoke to. I was so excited to see them! And a group from another book club came out and invited me to come visit when they discuss BURIED LEADS next spring.

Couple shot

My hubby was great, as usual, keeping me sane and organized and taking care of details for me all evening. He’s a keeper. And cute, too.


Thanks so much to everyone at the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Literary Festival, for making the launch so special.


  1. Debbie Carney

    Sounds like a great book

    1. LynDee

      Thanks, Debbie! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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