Dec 31

Simply amazing

Y’all, this has been one heck of a year. Last New Year’s Eve, if anyone had tried to tell me what would happen when FRONT PAGE FATALITY launched, or that I would have three (three!) books out by today, I would have laughed and told them they were hitting the champagne a little early.

And yet here I am.

Thank you, thank you, to all the readers, authors, journalists, and wonderful book bloggers who’ve had a hand in making the Headlines in High Heels mysteries a success. A year ago, my definition of “success” was “if ten people I’ve never met buy it and like it, I’ll be thrilled.”

Y’all blew right past that on the first day.

And “best of 2013” lists? Holy cow. I know how many books are published every year, and I am beyond humbled to have folks connect with my characters enough to be on these wonderful favorites lists. Check it out, and thank you, thank you! Here’s wishing you and yours a happy, healthy 2014. I’m already excited for the launch of SMALL TOWN SPIN, and I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring.

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