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What I’m working on

The Headlines in High Heels mystery series

With SMALL TOWN SPIN almost ready to launch (yay! I am SO EXCITED about this book, y’all!), I’m elbow-deep in Nichelle’s fourth adventure (which already has a title! Praise be!). Look for DEVIL IN THE DEADLINE everywhere you can buy books in January 2015. This might be the most complicated Nichelle book yet, but I sure am having fun with it.

The Headlines in High Heels series is currently contracted with Henery Press through book six, scheduled to release in Fall 2016.

Other projects

I might have a shiny new idea for another mystery series. Maybe. That I might be making notes on as I work on this new Nichelle book.

I also have a magical realism/women’s fiction novel that I can’t decide what to do with — I flip back and forth between thinking this one is finished and needs a sequel at some point, and thinking it’s half-finished (but boy, it’d be long) and I need to write the rest of the story and make it all one sweeping, multi-generational piece. When I decide which path to take, you’ll be the first to know. It’s called WHEREVER YOU ARE.