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What I’m working on

The Headlines in High Heels mystery series

SMALL TOWN SPIN is out in the world (thank you, thank you to the wonderful readers who have let me know they love it, too!), and I’ve just turned Nichelle’s fourth adventure over to my editor. Look for DEVIL IN THE DEADLINE everywhere you can buy books, January 6, 2015. This might be the most complicated Nichelle book yet, but I sure did have fun with it.

The Headlines in High Heels series is currently contracted with Henery Press through book six, scheduled to release in Fall 2016.

Other projects

I might have a shiny new idea for another mystery series. Maybe. That I might be making notes on as I work on this new Nichelle book.

I also have a magical realism/women’s fiction novel that I can’t decide what to do with — my current line of thought involves revamping it as a mystery. I like mysteries. And I love the magical elements of this story and these characters, but I keep feeling like it’s missing something. When I decide which path to take, you’ll be the first to know. It’s called WHEREVER YOU ARE.