Fear No Truth

Book 1 of the Faith McClellan Novel Series

​After a series of murders, newly-minted Texas Ranger Faith McClellan races to unmask a killer lurking in one of Austin's most sacred institutions. But the insidious truth at the heart of this case is darker than she ever imagined.

It’s been months since Jessa DuGray left her dorm for a study date and disappeared, her charred, disfigured remains discovered outside a cave after weeks of exhaustive searching.

Tenley Andre is the poster child for the perfect life: Gorgeous. Brilliant. Champion athlete. Until her broken body is found on the drought-ravaged shores of Lake Travis one sunny April morning, igniting a firestorm of shock and speculation in one of Texas’ most affluent communities. How did a young woman with everything to live for meet such a tragic end?

Texas Ranger Faith McClellan is itching to shake her ‘new girl’ status—and her famous father’s shadow—and get back to real police work. Tenley’s case is the perfect path: Faith doesn’t buy the easy verdict of another privileged, pressured teen suicide, and no one else wants to look beyond it.

But when the intricate web of lies surrounding Tenley and her family ensnares Jessa’s high-profile unsolved murder, secrets that could destroy reputations and relationships in powerful circles are laid bare.

Now, Faith must examine old loyalties and topple ingrained biases in a race to unmask evil lurking in Austin’s most sacred institutions before another life is lost. But the insidious truths at the heart of this case are darker and more dangerous than even she can imagine.

"Terrific. Surprisingly edgy and with a twist around every corner, the skilled and talented LynDee Walker sets the reader on an unstoppable ride. Authentic, witty and compelling—I could not put it down." —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Nationally Bestselling Author of Trust Me

“LynDee Walker weaves a tight, wonderfully-complex plot with Fear No Truth, and Texas Ranger Faith McClellan is a capable, shining heroine you’ll love to root for.” —Jeff Carson, nationally bestselling author of the David Wolf series