Nowhere To Hide

Book 4 of the Faith McClellan Series

Called to a dusty little town to investigate a murder, Texas Ranger Faith McClellan finds a victim unlike any she’s seen in her impressive career as a homicide detective.

Samson, the (formerly) runt hog, half-ton star of the YouTube Channel “High on the Hog”, has been slaughtered slasher-film style just yards from where his teenage co-star and keeper sleeps. While farm animals aren’t Faith’s wheelhouse, the scene is disturbing enough to make her fear for the safety of Kelsey Marie and everyone else in the sleepy, nobody-locks-doors-at-night community.

Agreeing to help, Faith figures she can locate the killer in a weekend and get back to her real job, but when her worst fears materialize and the body count begins to climb, she becomes enmeshed in a desperate game of cat and mouse with a criminal far more clever than she expected. It will take every trick and skill in her arsenal to clear this case—it might even cost Faith her life.